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Cenlar Mortgage Login | The Central Loan Administration & Reporting is a leading national loan servicing provider. It was formed by two distinct companies. they two companies are Centennial Savings and Loan Association and The Larson Mortgage Company.

By the coming together of this two companies, there is mass worth of experience needed to match and man the financial difficulties of mortgage loan servicing.

The purpose of this article is to educate all the clients of the Cenlar Mortgage or Bank the procedure they have to follow for Cenlar Mortgage Login and how to resolve any issues they are having with their account.

CENLAR MORTGAGE LOGIN Central Loan Administration Login

To get started with accessing your Cenlar Mortgage Account, please follow the steps below:

Step 1:

     – Visit the official website of Cenlar Mortgage here on www.cenlar.com.

Step 2:

   – From the list in the drop-down Menus at the top of the page,click Contact Us.

Step 3:

  – Select  and click on the link for Borrower Log-In.

Step 4:

  – Enter your Username and your Password in the boxes provided.

Step 5:

  – Click on the Login button.

TO reset Cenlar Mortgage Login Password or User ID

If you cant access your CENLAR MORTGAGE LOGIN ACCOUNT due to loss of password or User Id, please kindly follow the steps below to reset your Cenlar Mortgage Login Details .

  1. Visit Cenlar Mortgage Sign in Home Page
  2. Click on forgotten username or password depending on the one you lost.
  3. If it is password click on it and enter your Username and Email address.
  4. A password reset link will be sent to you in your email address login help you reset your password.
  5. Follow the same steps as well to recover lost Username.

For additional assistance with Cenlar Mortgage Login, follow the process below to Contact Cenlar Customer Service / Support Team

  1. To reach out to Customer Support online is by emailing Cenlar at customerservice@loanadministration.com.
  2. Cenlar also provides a means of speaking with a Customer Representative over the phone by calling 1-800-2CENLAR (1-800-223-6527). Normal business hours are Mon-Fri 8:30AM-8PM EST.

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